Good design enriches life : )

While attending the Fashion Institute of Technology and working at Rawkus Records in NYC, I continually searched for the perfect hair accessory. To no avail. Throughout the extensive travels that followed and while designing in Hong Kong, the search continued. Still no luck. After returning to the US and having my second cherubic baby boy, the perfect hair accessory became more than just something I hoped to one day find. It would now be a critical time and spirit saver – as on a daily basis I needed to quickly clip my hair back while somehow managing to feel beautiful again. This one piece of jewelry had to be shimmery enough to take the place of all other jewelry, thus freeing up my wrists, neck and ears, as all new moms end up needing to do. IT HAD TO DELIVER BUSY GIRL EFFORTLESS GLAMOUR. So in 2011, between baby snuggles and client work, the product development began. 


Enter House of Karm – A collection of laid back hair jewelry and wanderlust accessories. Dripping with my designer sensibility, the line combines premium materials with couture construction, considering every design detail along the way. The bobby pins are texturally rich international color stories, spun together with the unexpected juxtaposition of old world and glamour, silk and metallic geometry. The hats are another grab-and-go essential, offering sun protection and easy laid back style; from meetings to paddleboarding. Each piece has been designed to make you feel instantly more beautiful. Maximum effect with minimal effort.

Stand by, we continue to evolve – and there is so much more to come!