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House of Karm

The Dove Grey Sterling Silver Nugget Bobby Pin

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Whipped dove grey dupioni silk encased in sterling silver plated copper nuggets, accented by a trio of 14k gold discos. This finely beaded couture rosette measures approximately 7/8 inches in diameter, stitched securely to a strong-grip bronze bobby pin.  



We wear these bobbies everyday & everywhere – from yoga to movie premieres. We design each one considering the right amount of shimmer to immediately brighten your visage (without overdoing it), making you feel instantly more beautiful in, quite literally, a pinch. Our entire line is about the use of premium materials coupled with couture construction. The Gold Nugget Collection specifically, is about the juxtaposition of soft silk with the hard angle glitz that our premium gold nuggets deliver.

The entire House of Karm line was designed to work together, for added spice collage a cluster.


© 2012 House of Karm

Not intended for small children.