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House of Karm

The House of Karm Organic Cotton / Hemp, Sari Silk Trucker Hat

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We design each one of these silk sari hats to be the epitome of subtle luxury. The vibe remains laid back while adding just the right amount of texture and shimmer to your day. Each has a visual story which unfolds as we combine: Organic cotton or hemp (depending on the profile of the hat), skillfully edged hand-stamped dupioni silk and vintage sari silk. As with everything in our line, these are vibrant grab-and-go completer pieces. Customers from our first & second batches have commented on how good they feel when they wear their hat. That's the thing about design – when it's right, it truly impacts how you feel.   

• Organic cotton or hemp, recycled poly (mesh), vintage sari silk & dupioni silk

• Adjustable snap back for easy re-sizing, ages 3 – adult

Care Instructions
• Designed to be worn with love & care on sunny days
• Do Not Machine Wash
• Spot Clean Only wipes work best ; )
• Dry Cleanable